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When it comes to corporate photography in Dallas, most of my clients have some pretty basic needs from a headshot photographer or event photographer: to make them and their business look good; to stay on point aesthetically with the product or service they’re trying to sell, and to accommodate a sometimes-hectic schedule while keeping the quality consistent (hey, meetings run over, conference calls happen, it’s cool).

When we book a Dallas-area headshot photography session, my main goal is to come as turnkey as I can so everything stays smooth from the get go. I’ve worked with a long list of Dallas-Fort Worth-based businesses, thriving nonprofit organizations, and state and local government agencies on their photography needs, and have streamlined my approach into one that takes the fast-paced nature of my corporate clients into account. Before the shoot, we’ll agree on all the details, and I’ll answer whatever questions you might have, so you’ll have a solid idea of what to expect. You can also find some helpful planning tips here.

Headshots are one of those things businesses tend to forget about. The last round of imagery was done years ago, and people have come and gone, leaving the “Team” page of the company website a hodge-podge of outdated suit shots in front of the same window with a smattering of brick wall shots or Instagram selfies. So every now and then, it pays to unify everything. Think of it as school photo day, but for commerce; instead of yearbooks, you get press releases.

Most folks prefer that I come into their Dallas-area office, which is a fine set-up for me. In addition to lighting and some different background options (we can talk about environmental shots, too), I’ll also bring a flexibility of schedule to accommodate your businesses dynamics, and will be happy to stick around until we’ve gotten everyone taken care of.

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