Headshot Photography of Dan Quinn Band in South Lake
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Headshot Photography of Dan Quinn Band in South Lake

Dan Quinn is synonymous with entertainment in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. But headshot photography in Southlake, Texas, captures a different side of the artist. Rather than focusing the attention on the fun musician who turns a so-so backyard get-together into a shindig that everyone will talk about for years, the photo emphasizes the professional aspect of the business executive.

A dark olive backdrop creates a neutral setting. The musician wears a shirt and tie as well as a sports coat. The colors are neutral, which directs the attention to the face. He smiles slightly. He expresses confidence that comes from almost two decades in the business. He is the professional you would hire to DJ at your wedding or provide entertainment at the birthday party.

Southlake Headshot Photo

A professional headshot has the power to get across this information without the need for subtitles. The trick here is in capturing the essence of the individual without allowing clothes, jewelry, or makeup to create distractions. In fact, contemporary headshot professionals strongly advise against colorful clothing choices. By emphasizing a neutral palette all the way around, the eye cannot help but focus on the face and its expression.

Location: Southlake, Texas.