Dallas Headshot Photography for Neiman Marcus Employee
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Dallas Headshot Photography for Neiman Marcus Employee

Professional? Yes. Compelling? Yes. When a headshot has to have these two elements, they are easily achieved by a conversation on what the client envisions and turning those ideas into a photograph they are proud to display. For over a century, Neiman Marcus holds it headquarters in Dallas and holds six unique partners under its main brand. This company offers the high end luxury shopping experience for the ones that expect it, seek it and desire it.

Dallas Headshot Photographer

I am often asked about headshots for Dallas professionals. Questions like, what should I wear? What colors come off too loud in a photo? Should a professional style my hair? I answers these questions by exploration into my client, their purpose for the headshot and where it will be utilized (website, print, brochure, etc). These factors allow me to offer the best advice for headshots in Dallas, Texas. For those working in high-end retail such as Neiman Marcus, it’s essential their corporate image reveals not just a professional look but one that shows he or she is well groomed and dressed to the nines. My retail headshots are created using the latest photographic technology and include touch-ups and color enhancements to deliver the perfect product to each client.

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Location: 8687 N Central Expy, Dallas, Texas.