Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Have Family Portraits Taken

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Remember the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words?" In 1826, Joseph Nicephore Niepce took the first photo - changing the way we capture a moment. Family is the most valuable thing in your life. One great way to capture the moments that matter with your loved ones is [...]

The Ultimate Guide to A Great Outdoor Portrait Photography Session

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In this new age of social media, quality photography is becoming more and more popular. The art of photography is not a simple skill to pick up either, it takes lots of practice and patience. Arguably, some of the most difficult photography is an outdoor portrait session. Let alone internal [...]

How Much is too Much? Planning Your Corporate Headshots

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What's in a headshot? It's just a picture of you, right? Is it really that important? Yes! It is super important. Your headshot says a ton about you and your business without you ever opening your mouth or writing a word. When people take a peek at your headshot, they're [...]

5 Wedding Photography Trends We’re Loving in 2018

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You want your wedding photographer to capture every moment. The huge smile on grandma's face when she sees you walking down the aisle, the tear gathering in your best friend's eye during the reception toast. Years after your wedding is over, pictures will be able to transport you to the [...]

When Less is More: Why Couples Are Choosing Minimalist Photography

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Have you ever stared at a photo and fallen in love? Even though it was incredibly simple, containing only a closeup of a woman's face or a still shot of a dead tree on the horizon, you were completely captivated. Minimalist photography isn't just for travel photography or the simple [...]