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When I was a kid, before I was a professional photographer, I remember Frisco being a tiny little town. No more! It’s exploded in recent years, and has become a center of commerce in the Dallas area. In fact, one of my most memorable jobs took place in Frisco, when I photographed Jen Widerstrom of The Biggest Loser fame at ID Life. In general, the balance of Frisco is one part residential to one part commercial, so while I’ve done a pretty fair amount of work as a Frisco family photographer and Frisco senior photographer, I’ve also served an impressive amount of clients in the realms of business photography, Frisco event photography, and Frisco headshot photography. With a fair amount of families in this thriving city, I get asked quite often where the best venues are from the point of view of a wedding photographer in Frisco — my answers are usually the Stonebriar Country Club, Magnolia Terrace, and the Vine, all of which offer some great backdrops for Frisco, Texas wedding photography and excellent service.