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An event is a carefully choreographed gathering of personalities; with a little planning, it can quickly become greater than the some of its parts, and turn into something truly memorable. Whether it’s a collection of friends or a group of coworkers, the need might arise to have it documented and preserved. If that’s the case, I offer an hourly package that covers the event itself, custom-tailored to your specific needs, as well as post-processing work. The result is a portfolio of images that capture the specific nature of the event, and the souls of those present, in a creative, organic fashion.

A standard social or corporate event typically requires two hours, and can be adequately covered with one photographer. However, your needs may be different, and more time or talent-hours may be required; feel free to get in touch with me to discuss your exact needs, and I will be happy to recommend what is required to cover your event thoroughly. An event package includes:


1st Hour $300
Addi Hour $150

  • Photography by Daniel Motta
  • Online proofing of images
  • Photo editing in Adobe Lightroom
  • Approximately 70-100 images per hour
  • Downloadable via online password-protected gallery

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