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  2. Dallas Real Estate Agent Photograph at Azure
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  4. Portrait of 9 Interiors Owner at Residences Ritz Carlton
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  7. Dallas Senior Photographer at UTD
  8. Dallas Portrait Photographer
  9. Dallas Fine Art Family Photographer
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  11. Southlake Portrait Photographer
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  16. Business Portrait Photographer in Dallas
  17. Dallas Fine Art Portrait Photographer
  18. Dave Perry Miller for D Magazine 2018
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  20. Dallas Realtor Portrait of Vetterick Monkhouse Group
  21. Personal Branding Photo in Dallas
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  24. Ebby's Little White House for United Way Metropolitan
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  26. Dallas Actor Model Photographer
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  28. Portrait of Updike Pugh Group: D Magazine 2018
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  30. Dallas Photo of RGT Wealth Advisors in Meeting
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  35. Uptown Business Photographer
  36. Uptown Personal Branding Photographer
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  38. Corporate Fashion Photographer in Dallas
  39. Dallas Realtor Studio Branding Portrait
  40. Dallas Photographer at DEC on Dragon St.
  41. Personal Branding at AT&T Performing Arts Center
  42. Family Photographer: Colleyville Charm Magazine
  43. Uptown Portrait Photographer
  44. Portrait of David Dike for Dike Fine Art in Uptown
  45. Dallas Realtor Photographer
  46. Legacy West Business Portrait Photographer
  47. Portrait of PBS Children JJ Jet Plano Creators
  48. Portrait Photographer in Dallas
  49. Family Photographer at Grapevine Botanical Gardens
  50. Dallas Model Actress Photographer
  51. Dallas Wedding Photographer
  52. Personal Branding Portrait of Ebby Halliday Agent
  53. Prosper Portrait Photographer
  54. Dallas Realtor Photographer Photograph
  55. Frisco Portrait Photographer
  56. Portrait of Logan Stout: CEO of ID Life
  57. Ebby Halliday: VIP Excellence in Service Award
  58. Plano Personal Branding Photographer
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When folks ask me what to look for in a Dallas portrait photographer, I tell them to view different portfolios to see what aesthetic really clicks with them. If there’s something about a photographer’s style you really enjoy — their sense of humor, their technical abilities, their way of “bringing out a person’s soul” — then you’ve already narrowed down your decision in your hunt for a portrait photographer in Dallas.

If you’ve looked at my work and enjoy the type of creativity I use to approach a subject (thanks, buddy!), then that’s because of how I editorialize — how I use a picture as an opportunity to tell a story. An editorial shot isn’t a standard headshot (which I totally do as well, because they’re important): this is an immersive look at a subject within a context, and capturing their reactions to the photographer, the camera, and the environment around them. And in the end, you get one of those pictures that exudes emotion in an organic, intentional way.

When a client and I collaborate on what they want out of their portrait photography needs, there’s a fun exchange involved. We talk about a rough concept before the shoot, and bat around some ideas of how best to represent what they are trying to say through images: a stirring family portrait at home in Highland Park; something environmental and brooding for print; a studio photoshoot to pad out a modeling portfolio; a professional group portrait that sells a law firm; snaps of your dog being awesome — we pare it down to the type of images you’re looking to get out of the shoot and the tone we’re trying to strike. We figure out details like the wardrobe, the setting, put together a checklist of the must-have shots (as a wedding photographer, I love my checklists), check for any special props or technical needs, and set the time.

And then, on the day of the shoot… we just kind of roll with it. Because after the planning that goes into a portrait, what you’re really seeing when you look at a compelling shot is that spur-of-the-moment exchange between the photographer and the subject through a creative lens, so to speak — that spark of recognition that jumps out at the viewer in a compelling way.

I do portraiture throughout the entire Dallas-Fort Worth region, so if there’s an idea you would like to see immortalized forever, let’s get in touch and make it happen.

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