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Arlington Photographer: Daniel Motta Photography

As a Dallas photographer, I know full-well the home-team devotion people have for our sports culture. The Dallas Cowboys are based out of Arlington, as are the Texas Rangers. Though as a corporate photographer and headshot photographer, I have an affinity for the large businesses that call Arlington home — General Motors and Texas Health Resources have a huge presence here, and with all the commerce going on, you can’t deny the impact of the City of Arlington: they run a tight ship. Six Flags Over Texas doesn’t hurt either. For the times when I’ve done some family photography in the area, that childlike part of me still wants to buy a ticket and hit up some roller coasters when I clock out of a day’s work. Being a photographer in Arlington is just fun, and I can’t tell you how much engagement photography and family photography I’ve done at Dallas Cowboys Stadium or Globe Life Park — and even some wedding photography for the die-hards! They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and these venues really do provide a pretty grand backdrop for Dallas-area wedding photography for those sports buffs who are excited to tie the knot.

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