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Allen Photographer: Daniel Motta Photography

Allen is a special city that I grew up in and will always hold dear to me. That is where I graduated from high school and lived for most of my teen years. I remember when there was nothing on the west side of Highway 75, and every time I travel through the city it always amazes me how much it has grown in such a short time. Allen has literally expanded in all directions! Luckily, growing up I was one of the lucky students to graduate from the new high school verses the old high school, known as the Freshman Lowery Center. For being a small city in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, The City of Allen has its own outdoor outlet mall and is a great place to start and raise a family. One of my favorite places to go was the Allen Skate Park which is right next to Allen High School. Now I share and relive my memories with my daughter who loves to skate like I did when I was a teen, only now she has a little more to work with! Hopefully some day in the future she will bring her kids to the same skate park to relive her memories!

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