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Celina Photographer: Daniel Motta Photography

For an outdoor photographer, Celina is a pretty cool place. This boomtown-on-the-rise is a little ways outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but all the wide-open air allows a Celina Photographer a lot of flexibility in honing their skill set. Chandler’s Gardens is one of my favorite places to do wedding reception photography, and there are plenty of scenic backdrops — Rusty Barn at the Ranch comes to mind — that I frequently recommend to clients who are looking for a family portrait photographer in Celina or Dallas-area engagement photography. Seasonally, there are some fun events to keep an eye open for as well. The Celina Balloon Festival takes place every October, and grants some jaw-dropping views of hot air balloons taking off into the blue. I’m sure I don’t need to mention that this is a pretty exceptional display for Dallas-area outdoor photography buffs! If you’re looking for a place to wrap up the day, the Gin is a great bet — good food, good music, and a signature bourbon cocktail that’ll knock your socks off!