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Whether you’re looking for a family photographer in Denton, an outdoor wedding ceremony at the Grove or the Milestone, or engagement photography at Ray Roberts Lake State Park, located in the equally stunning and diverse Pilot Point, let me know. I’ve been doing photography in Aubrey for years, and it’s always a pleasure to arrive: it even makes the commute worthwhile, which is saying something as it can take a while to get here, even when the traffic is flowing smoothly. And hey, it’s never a bad thing to wrap up a busy day behind the camera with a bite to eat at Varsity Roadhouse; they do a mean burger. If I’ve got a little more time, of if I just get a wild hair, the Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch is an amazing venue to do some classic safari-style shooting, while still not having to leave the Dallas Metroplex. As a photographer familiar with Aubrey business photography, I have to throw some props to the folks at Frito Lay in Denton County — one of America’s favorite snack food companies.