5 Wedding Photography Trends We’re Loving in 2018

You want your wedding photographer to capture every moment.

The huge smile on grandma’s face when she sees you walking down the aisle, the tear gathering in your best friend’s eye during the reception toast. Years after your wedding is over, pictures will be able to transport you to the blissful feelings of that special day.

Pay attention to current wedding photography trends. You want your wedding pictures to be fresh and unique, but you also want to utilize the best methods possible to get the right pictures.

Photography is an evolving industry. You’re lucky, in 2018 photographers can create amazing images. Here are our favorite trends that you’re sure to see this year.

Wedding Photography Trends That Will Dominate 2018

So you’re planning your wedding.

Take a look at these modern, tasteful ideas to make your wedding photography stand out.

1. Shoot the Proposal

An amazing wedding begins with the proposal. Social media-savvy grooms hire photographers to film their proposals.

A lot of men and women fantasize about the perfect wedding proposal, but it can be hard to pull off. After years of dreaming and hoping for the wonderful moment to come, it’s over in a flash.

You can’t bottle the extraordinary joy a successful proposal inspires, but you can make sure that you have something to help you remember the moment.

2. Use A Drone

Using a drone to capture your wedding used to be prohibitively expensive. Not anymore. It’s now common to see sophisticated drones flitting around the sky during outdoor celebrations.

Drones provide incredible, bird’s-eye view images. The beauty of your surroundings will be preserved in film. Drones supplement your photographer’s work, providing lovely images that otherwise would never have been captured.

3. Use Selfie Sticks

Everybody loves a good selfie. Couples are setting up selfie stations at their receptions as a way for their guests to have a blast.

The station usually consists of a cool backdrop that friends and family pose in front of, snapping pictures of themselves with camera phones. Selfie sticks are often provided.

Selfie stations document fun, authentic moments at the wedding.

4. Involve Social Media

Photo booths are common. Modern couples have updated the trend, however. Instead of the goofy dollar store bits and pieces weddings guests used to pose with, couples are providing sophisticated, unique props.

They’re also integrating the booths with social media. WiFi-enabled touch screens allow guests to instantly upload their snaps to social media sites. Couples are even creating their own wedding hashtags.

5. Use Smoke Bombs

Everyone wants an amazing, unique wedding album. One way to capture eye-popping pictures is to use smoke bombs. The dense, colorful smoke instantly makes the picture appear more exciting.

Smoke bombs are entertaining because they’re unexpected. The proper splash of color can transform a pretty picture into an outstanding one.

Have Fun

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life. Take as many pictures as you can because it will help you hold on to the memories as time passes.

Hire an amazing photographer and you won’t have to worry about your wedding day pictures.

We can help. Take a look at our portfolio and give us a call when you’re ready to plan your special day.