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Putting your best face forward starts with a professional headshot. Whether you need a new profile photo for LinkedIn or a website relaunch, headshots help showcase your personality, character, and style. But how do you capture these elusive properties for a winning headshot? It’s important to learn how to take a good headshot. So, let’s begin by getting a better understanding of what this unique photo genre is — and why it’s an essential part [...]

Where To Take The Best Professional Headshots in Dallas, TX

Daniel Motta has earned a reputation as being one of the premier executive headshot photographers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. The sharp, clean look of his photos brings out the best in every working professional, making them well suited for any LinkedIn profile, website, or print advertisement.  Choosing the right backdrop for your executive headshots is an important part of achieving the right look for your brand. Here are some fantastic locations used by [...]

10 Tips For a Great Real Estate Headshot

If you're in the real estate industry, a good headshot is extremely important. In fact, it's more important than it is in other industries. Buying or selling a home is a long process and people want to know who they'll be working with. That's why most ads for a home usually include the agent's picture. But it's not enough to have a headshot. It needs to be high-quality and give potential customers an appropriate glimpse [...]

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