What’s the Best Lighting for Wedding Photography?

What in the USA, with the average cost of a wedding being more than $31,000, many are trying to cut the costs somewhere. Some save on makeup, decor, amount of guests, venue location and more. But one thing you should always splurge on is hiring a photographer that suits your style! Why? Your wedding photo album is the only thing you have that will preserve the memories of your big day. But to get the [...]

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5 Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding Venues in Dallas

Choosing a wedding venue can be one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning but it could be really exciting if you decide to enjoy the research. It's your day so do it your way. Researching outdoor wedding venues in Dallas can be great fun. An outdoor wedding venue is a great option for your wedding. It can be flexible, beautiful and it's a photographers dream. Read on to learn about 5 gorgeous outdoor [...]

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