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Wedding at St. Rita Catholic Church in Dallas

St. Rita Catholic Church allows for beautiful photos. The interior is spectacular. But wedding photographers in Dallas, TX, know that the outside also offers plenty of great areas for picture taking. There are beautiful trees and wide walkways that are ideal for groups or couples. A good example is the happy couple that poses in the courtyard.

They have said their vows. They are ready to attend the reception in their honor. However, before doing so, they spend a few moments with each other. The photographer catches them hugging. Her veil blows behind her in the wind. They both laugh and smile in the photographer’s direction. They look carefree and ready to start their lives as newlyweds. Soon, they will go to their party.

Dallas Wedding Photo at St. Rita Catholic

They look perfectly happy. This is the kind of photo you only get to take one time. The seasoned expert knows to look for an opportunity just as this one. It makes for a candid shot that will look great in their wedding album. They remember the ceremony and the quick break they decided to take right there. They may even remember the little joke they told each other.

Location: 12521 Inwood Rd. Dallas, Texas 75244.

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