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Wedding Photograph of Bride and Grooms Rings

His and her jewelry boxes are not always the best way to capture an image of the wedding rings. Taking a picture of this jewelry is an excellent way to symbolize their uses later on during the ceremony. It is also a timeless shot that might become the cover of a wedding album or thank you card.

Glen Eagles Country Club Wedding Photo

Wedding photographers in Plano, TX like to include these shots. But finding the right setup that suits your taste is crucial. Case in point is a shot of both rings stacked on a mirror. The reflection of the surface blurs, and only the rings take center stage. But even here, her ring, in particular, stands out.

She has chosen a gorgeous vintage design with a setting that is unique. Drawing attention to the look of filigree work pays homage to the artisan-ship of the jewelry maker. Maybe the ring is a family heirloom that is now taking its rightful place with the next generation. The groom’s ring is plain. It perfectly complements her jewelry. And this setup, in itself, holds a wealth of symbolism that is not lost on the observer – or photographer.

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