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Sunset Bridal Portrait at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Brides and grooms frequently choose the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve for wedding photography in Plano, TX. In addition to the pavilions that look very nice in pictures, there are plenty of possible nature shots that beckon for exploration. Cases in point are the many cedar elms and red-bud trees in one portion of the park. When working with a couple for a set of wedding shots, we try to capture the beauty of nature alongside the bride.

Plano Wedding Photo at Arbor Hills

One of the ways we highlight both is with sunset bridal portraits. The trees and grasses take on a distinctive reddish glow at just the right time of the evening. The bride’s dress, too, takes on a slight red tint. It makes her skin glow and puts highlights in her dark hair. She looks like she is a part of nature in the park. Her dress and floral bouquet transform with an ethereal quality.

If she plans a wedding with fairy style elements, this portrait shoot is perfect. The combination of the light, the natural backdrop, and beauty of the bride merge to create the ideal picture. Envision yourself being the focal point of this photo!

Location: 6701 W Parker Rd, Plano, TX 75093.

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