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Portrait of Groom Getting Ready at Marriott Legacy

The Dallas/Plano Marriott at the Legacy Town Center offers a fantastic wedding package. There are venues for any size wedding party, which makes this location a good option for all couples. Wedding photographers in Plano, TX, like the attention to detail the staff pays. You notice the little personal touches in the reception rooms, among the banquet tables, and any time that you have a question or request.

This setting is also an ideal backdrop for photos. Case in point is the portrait of the groom who is waiting. He sits in the changing room. It is not yet time to take his place next to the officiant. He looks nervous. Dressed in a sharp suit and wearing perfectly shined shoes, he looks like he is ready to go. He glances at the photographer. His nervousness is palpable.

Servicing Legacy West Wedding Photography

Soon, he will leave the sitting room to await his bride’s entrance. There will be more pictures of the ceremony and subsequent reception. But when he looks at this photo after the wedding and in the years to come, he will remember the nervousness. He will remember the thoughts that went through his mind. This quality makes the image so precious.

Location: 7121 Bishop Rd, Plano, TX 75024.

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