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Photograph of Brides Wedding Dress in McKinney

Wedding photography in McKinney, Texas, frequently features the historic architecture of the Surrey House. Dating back to 1910, the house and gazebo create the perfect backdrop for a fairytale ceremony and reception. Countless nooks and crannies, period pieces, and extraordinary architectural details make for excellent photos. Couples that love the little details will enjoy exchanging vows at this location.

McKinney Wedding Photographer

They also often ask for mood shots before the ceremony. Case in point is the photograph of the bride’s wedding dress. It is a gorgeous piece of artistry. We displayed it hanging from a shelf in the dressing room. Set against the eggshell white of a bookcase and incorporating the afternoon light coming in through the semi-closed shutters, the scene features just a little touch of whimsy.

It invites the daydream. When the couple looks through the wedding album in years to come, she will remember the way the dress felt. She thinks back to the excitement of that day. This image might put her right back into the room, ready to get dressed and walk down the aisle. These types of photos are essential in capturing the atmosphere of the day.

Location: 312 S Tennessee St, McKinney, TX 75069.

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