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Outdoor Wedding Photograph of People During Reception

White Rock Lake is a favorite outdoor wedding and reception venue in Dallas. It offers stellar vistas, gorgeous natural beauty, and the structures you need to pull off an event. Wedding photography in Dallas, TX, is easy with these great locales nearby.

Take for example the outdoor wedding and reception that is going on well after dark. String lighting creates ambiance. People mill about and connect. Some stand in small clusters. Others interact one on one. The couple mingles with them but is not the focus of this shot.

The Filter Building Wedding Photo

Instead, the attention is on the people. The guests, who came out to help the couple celebrate, make the evening a success. The bride and groom recognize their faces. In years to come, they will reminisce about the event. They may tell each other fun anecdotes about this relative or that one.

The couple relies on the trained eye of the photographer to get these images on film. Candid shots that are not staged are the best. They reveal the fun nature of the event as it unfolds. In the process, these pictures ensure that the mood of the reception comes through.

Location: 2810 White Rock Rd, Dallas, TX 75214.

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