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Flower Girls Dancing at Dallas Wedding Reception

Is there anything more adorable than the little flower girls? We do not think so. When we recently worked with a couple that chose the Filter Building for its wedding reception, we had the opportunity to meet the two. They were a lot of fun during the ceremony and reception. This shot catches them in the act of being silly and having a great time.

Wedding photographers in Dallas, TX, know that the Filter Building is a favorite location for big parties. Plenty of receptions take place there. This makes it easy to plan ahead for choosing just the right shots in the light that the locale offers. This level of foresight also ensures that you enjoy crisp pictures for your wedding album. With just the right softening of the backdrop, the eye is redirected to the foreground.

Filter Building Wedding Photo

The flower girls will grow up quickly. The next time that the bride and groom look through their wedding album, these two might already be moving on to middle school. Before long, they will dance at their own weddings. Imagine giving them this image at that time. Wedding photos are memories. But, sometimes, they can also become keepsakes.

Location: 2810 White Rock Rd, Dallas, TX 75214.

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