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Dallas Photography of Couple Kissing at Magnolia Hotel

The impressive facade of the Magnolia Hotel stuns guests and passersby on a routine basis. Engaged couples flock to the locale to book event venues for their upcoming weddings and receptions. Wedding photographers in Dallas, TX, always look for new ways to make the couples’ ceremonies look fantastic.

Sometimes, this means thinking outside the box. Case in point is the couple kissing after the wedding is over. It is dark outside. Rather than being posed inside near an entryway or staircase, the couple chooses the street scene as a backdrop. It might be the moment in time when they take off for the honeymoon.

Outside Wedding Photo at Magnolia Hotel

Maybe the reception just ended, and the limousine is slow in coming. It is a perfect opportunity to steal a kiss. The streets are empty. But the photographer captures the occasion. It is the ideal final photo for the wedding album. Combined with candid shots from before the wedding, during the ceremony, and, of course, while at the reception.

Sometimes, a famous street scene in front of a popular locale can be just as impressive as the setting itself. A good photographer knows that.

Location: 1401 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75201.

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