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Allen Wedding Photographer at Twin Creeks Golf Club

The Golf Club at Twin Creeks is nothing if not spectacular. A favorite is the Palmer Room that features plenty of seating and wood paneling as the backdrop for wedding photography in Allen, TX. But do not discount the outdoor patio and beauty of the links.

Envision the couple walking to their reception. They cross the golf course. It’s beautifully manicured greens and tall trees set the scene. However, what takes the photo over the top is the multi-colored sky. They fit in perfectly with the scenery. But her white dress makes them stand out. They only have eyes for each other and do not appear to notice the photographer who is off to the side.

Allen Wedding Photo at Twin Creeks

This is an excellent example of an in-motion shot that looks unplanned and incidental. That said, it is anything but. By getting to know the couple and understanding the kinds of pictures they would treasure, there is a lot of planning that the professional put into this photo. It is sure to become a favorite part of their finished wedding album. Who knows, it might take up a place of honor on the fireplace mantle.

Location: 501 Twin Creeks Dr, Allen, TX 75013.

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