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Hello, and welcome to the planning tips section of my website! Here are some tips which can be a great resource so we can help plan the timing of your day. I would love to craft your timeline so you will be able to experience all the best parts of your day with ease. I am Happy to help with every bit of it!

To start with, it is recommended that we start discussing your timeline early as our first meeting. I believe it will make the day easier and will help if we work out the logistics early on, this will help ensure your day will run smoothly and efficiently. About two weeks prior to your wedding, I will send you a worksheet, which will involve a formal list of pictures you would like taken. It will also ask about the details of where everyone is getting ready.

Some wedding timelines can be pretty simple, while some can be a bit more complex and involve more working parts. A couple could be getting ready in a hotel, walking outside to have their ceremony, then walking back inside the hotel for their reception. Weddings like this, the timelines are much easier to create since everything is centralized. However, not all weddings are this way. A bride could be getting ready at the house, while the groom is getting ready at a hotel, ceremony at church, and another location for the reception. This can take a little more time to plan so we will need to factor in the time it takes from location to location, how long to complete the formal list etc. I can promise you its not as complicated as it sounds!

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Most of the time my clients don't really know where to start when it comes to planning their timeline. I do know that every wedding is different so here are some basic guidelines that I believe will help make the day run smoothly.

I would try to plan two hours for the getting ready process. This would cover hair and makeup that will need to be finished. This will also cover the bride and groom's time with each of their wedding parties. All detail shots of flowers, rings, jewelry etc. will be captured at this time as well.

If you're planning on having a first look, we can most definitely have as much time as you need. Or if you would prefer to wait to see each other till the ceremony, this can impact the amount of time of having photographs of you together. I want this decision to feel truly right for you, don't let your need for more photos outweigh your need to see each other for the first time. If you have any questions I would love to help any way I can!

Depending on if you have hired a wedding coordinator, sometimes the first draft will be created by them. I would be happy to work with your coordinator so we can get your timeline just right! Please feel free if you have any questions whatsoever to reach out! I am here to make your day run smoothly and efficiently as possible!

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