Wedding Portrait of Groomsmen at Event 1013 Plano
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Wedding Portrait of Groomsmen at Event 1013 Plano

Event 1013 is Plano’s premier party venue. Wedding photographers in Plano, TX, appreciate the backdrops this historic landmark brings to the images. Hardwood floors are ideal for dancing. Sixteen-foot ceilings allow for grand shots. Even the entryway is a great setting that makes for unique photos.

Case in point is the party of groomsmen. All dressed in their suits, they stand in front of the door. They take their jobs of standing by the groom seriously. You can see it in their self-assured attitudes. Before they enter the venue, they want to have their picture taken.

Plano Wedding Photo at Event 1013

This photo will become a part of the wedding album. It is their wish that the groom always remembers the men who stood by him. Should he need their assistance again, they are only a call away. He will remember this promise as he looks through the pictures. His bride may ask him about these friends.

She may not know them all very well just yet. This kind of photograph is an excellent way of getting a conversation started. It is a powerful reminder of the special day. What talks could the images in your wedding album spark?

Location: 1013 E 15th St, Plano, TX 75074.