Wedding Photography at Reflections at Spring Creek
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Wedding Photography at Reflections at Spring Creek

Reflections on Spring Creek is a favorite of wedding photographers in Plano, TX. It has everything. Do you like waterfalls? No problem! Do antique tapestries make your heart beat faster? They have them! Award-winning gardens? They are here! But the real showstopper is the gazebo. Artists hand-carved the gorgeous structure out of stone and placed it in front of a 40-foot pond. Waterfalls create auditory ambiance. Light posts allow for daytime or evening nuptials. Of course, during the day, the play of the sun against the light-colored stone sets a beautiful stage.

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She and her groom stand in an embrace. She holds a bouquet that features a distinct purple color and echoes some of the blooms that spring up all around. They smile at each other. The ceremony is over, but the guests wait. This is an intimate moment. The calm before the party. They catch their breaths and get ready to celebrate. There will be plenty of photos of them dancing. However, right now, there is only the two of them against the backdrop of the gazebo. This scene has all the makings of an unforgettable memory. It is sure to become a favorite photo.

Location: 1901 E Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano, TX 75074.