Wedding Photography Prestonwood Baptist Church Plano TX
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Wedding Photography Prestonwood Baptist Church Plano TX

Built in 1977 Prestonwood Church is located in North Dallas. They practice their ministries far from their local church and reach those in the Amazon, Romania and Africa. A wedding here and the bridal party is surrounded by natural hues that offer a unique and special backdrop as the bride and her father walk to meet her husband to be. Don't worry about wedding colors at this church. Whatever flowers are chosen or colors for the bridesmaid dresses, they will blend seamlessly. In the photo, the elephant in the room is a massive machine on wheels, loved by the both. Perhaps their first kiss was stolen here? A memory of times gone by. Black and white wedding photography reveals innocence and love. Using history to look toward the future? Maybe.

Prestonwood Baptist Church Wedding

Wedding photography in Plano TX is a passion for me. I live in Plano and have been to the Prestonwood Church; I am familiar with the best angles for shots, where natural light is best and what outside surroundings make the perfect wedding shot. Your collection of photographs will be full of oohs and awes and will provoke one of my favorite questions, "where was that shot taken?"

Location: Prestonwood Baptist Church, 6801 W. Park Blvd, Plano, Texas.