Wedding Photography Dallas TX St. Thomas Aquinas Church
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Wedding Photography Dallas TX St. Thomas Aquinas Church

For Catholic wedding ceremonies, St. Thomas Aquinas church has two time slots on Saturdays; 12:30 pm and 6:30 pm. If you hold your wedding ceremony here, be ready to be wowed with the mystic statues of the sacraments and an alter that matches churches in the Eastern U.S, I am standing by to shoot your wedding photography in Dallas and I enjoy working with the staff at St. Thomas Aquinas Church! Imagine your wedding runner against the marble floors, or no runner at all? The ends of each dark wood bench enveloped in flowers. As you walk down the aisle you'll feel the enormous arch around and see the magnificent organ that awaits you. You heard the organ in the back but seeing it is a whole new experience. The altar is ahead. You spot your groom. He can't contain his smiles and is holding back tears. He is in love. The church opens up at that point as you kiss your father and kneel with your groom, receiving blessing after blessing before you say I do.

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Catholic wedding ceremonies are truly one of a kind. Beautiful, traditional, and the perfect place for your wedding. Once the wedding is over, there is no need to seek another venue for wedding pictures. Stand outside on the stairway, the grey brick and deep wooden doors make the perfect backdrop. Dallas wedding photographers are at their best for shots such as these.

Location: St. Thomas Aquinas Church, 6306 Kenwood Ave, Dallas, Texas.