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Wedding Photographers Dallas Texas

The bride / groom kiss photo. It's her dream, it's her mom's dream. It must be special. It must possess a feeling to those that view it. She loves him, he loves her. 

Christ the King Catholic Church in Dallas Texas is a great venue for weddings. It shows in this image what background can do for that "first kiss" moment.

Many of the great wedding kiss photos are taken without the couple knowing the photographer is there. That's why our wedding photography in Dallas, Texas is chosen by so many couples.

Dallas Wedding Photo at Christ the King

We have the ability to make special moments into memories all while you get married, dance at the wedding, cut the cake or swing in the bridal dance. We'll even catch cousin Fred doing the crazy chicken for your album.

Our wedding photography in Dallas Texas is not a cookie cutter approach. We value your input and combine your ideas with our special techniques to ensure your wedding photos are forever memories.

Location: Christ the King Catholic Church, 8017 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75225.