Wedding Photograph of Wedding Cake at la Cima Club
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Wedding Photograph of Wedding Cake at la Cima Club

The La Cima Club is an exclusive wedding locale. Wedding photographers in Las Colinas, TX, appreciate the images they can take with the panoramic view of the DFW skyline in the background. But not every shot has to have people in the foreground.

A good example is the wedding cake picture. Professionals know that there is no time like before the wedding to get the best images of the room setup, decorations, and similar accouterments. The cake impresses with its delicate decorations and beautiful colors. It sits in the foreground with the stunning view behind it. But to ensure that the vistas do not steal the show, the expert blurs the background just a little.

Wedding Photo at La Cima Club in Las Colinas

Even so, it is all there: the stunning blue sky, the buildings, and the green of the trees. This type of picture becomes a great memory for the couple later on. In fact, most brides and grooms never see the items until they are cut, served, and in use. They miss out on the sights that their guests enjoy as they first walk in. With the right photographer working with you, you will not miss out.

Location: 5215 North O'Connor Road, Suite 2600, Irving, TX 75039.