Wedding Photograph of T-Rex Chasing Bridal Party
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Wedding Photograph of T-Rex Chasing Bridal Party

Who says that all wedding photography in Azle, TX has to be traditional? It is hard to pinpoint who came up with the idea of having a T-Rex chasing a bridal party, but this image has caught on. More and more couples now like the quirky picture that identifies them as a bride and groom who like to laugh.

And with the members of the party playing along quite convincingly, the photographer becomes a choreographer. Some of the bridal party look back, some look at each other, mouths are open, but there is a sparkle of laughter. Pulling this off calls for the ability to combine amusement with action.

Wedding Photo at The Orchard 

Against the backdrop of majestic trees, the photo-shopped T-Rex stands menacingly. Even so, the bride and groom are still the center of attention. Groomsmen and bridesmaids flank them. Now is probably not the right time to throw the bouquets. The party runs toward the photographer who captures them in mid-movement.

If you think this photo is fun, you should see their engagement pictures! This image is sure to be a win on social media and among friends who step closer to see it displayed in the couple’s home.

Location: 1421 Northwest Parkway, Azle, TX 76020.