Wedding Photograph of Groomsmen at The Orchard
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Wedding Photograph of Groomsmen at The Orchard

The Orchard is an outdoor event locale that is perfect for weddings. It includes a pavilion and a reception area. Impressive trees are an ideal backdrop for photos during the ceremony as well as for the candid shots of the happy couple enjoying the moment. But there is a group of wedding party participants that too many wedding photographers in Azle, TX forget: the groomsmen.

Azle Wedding at The Orchard

Age-old superstitions had groomsmen dress alike to confuse evil spirits that would try to attack the new couple. By having a group that looked a lot like the groom himself, the spirits would just give up – or so the lore tells us. A typical party contains ten groomsmen but might have fewer than that depending on the couple’s preferences.

Capturing an image of this formidable bunch is a highlight of picture taking. They wear their finest clothes. Some may not be all that comfortable in suits and ties. Some may feel a little odd standing there and smiling at a camera. What you want to capture is the essence of each individual in one shot. The grin of the happy best man. The attitude of the guy who feels at home in the suit.

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