Wedding Photograph of Couple at Highland Park United
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Wedding Photograph of Couple at Highland Park United

The architecture of Highland Park United Methodist Church dates back to the late 1920s. The venue is a showpiece of gleaming wood, impressive masonry, and fantastic window displays. Wedding photographers in Dallas, TX, succeed in getting great pictures by capturing the happy couple against the remarkable structure when the light is just right.

Case in point is the couple that has just been married. They are ready to head out and join their guests at the reception. But before doing so, they take a breather. She leans against the door frame. He leans in and stands close to her. The white dress harmonizes with the light colors of the masonry. The dark color of his suit complements the wooden door. With the architectural masterpiece as the background for the pose, it is impossible to go wrong.

Dallas Wedding Photo at Highland Park United

This position is relaxed but does not contradict the formal setting. It creates a beautiful image of just the two of them. It will become their memory together. They will recall what they said to each other in between the ceremony and the reception. For years to come, this photo may be a reminder of a shared joke or promise.

Location: 3300 Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75205.