Wedding Photograph of Brides Ring and Veil in Azle
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Wedding Photograph of Brides Ring and Veil in Azle

Wedding ring photos round out the pictures from the ceremony. Wedding photographers in Azle, TX routinely take these shots. Some focus on the jewelry alone. Maybe there are side-by-side shots of the open ring boxes. This display is a nice touch, but there is nothing more personal than the bride wearing her engagement ring alone for the last time.

Azle Wedding Photography

She still waits for the ring that her new husband will slip on her finger. They have not yet said their vows and exchanged rings as tangible proof of their relationship. She still only wears the engagement ring that she received as a pledge for this day. On her right ring finger, with the left one still bare, it is a signal that change is about to take place.

Capturing this mood is possible by focusing on the hands of the bride as opposed to her face. Dressed in her wedding gown and the veil covering her face, she readies herself for the march down the aisle. Soon, she will wear two rings. However, not yet. There is a sense of longing in the photo that perfectly sets the tone for the day.

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