Wedding Photograph of Bride and Groom at The Orchard
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Wedding Photograph of Bride and Groom at The Orchard

The Orchard combines breathtaking architecture with well-manicured landscaping. Say your vows under an outdoor pergola or in front of a two-sided fireplace. For an indoor ceremony, you cannot go wrong with the aptly named Pecan Room. From there, seamlessly transition to the reception at the same location. Wedding photographers in Azle, TX, can get great images here.

Some of these are easy to do even after the ceremony. Case in point is the happy couple of newlyweds. They are outside with the mature trees in the background. The lake with its water features provides additional eye candy. A low hedge partially hides the two as they steal a quick embrace before going to their reception. She whispers something into his ear. Only the two lovebirds know what she says.

The Orchard Wedding Photo

When the moment passes, they join their guests. But this brief moment in time will be their little secret. It becomes a cherished memory that will be memorialized in their wedding album. Other photographs show equally candid moments. They do not look staged. But they capture the essence of the couple in ways that the standard photos never reveal.

Location: 1421 Northwest Parkway, Azle, TX 76020.