Wedding Photo of Newlywed Couple Smiling at 1st Dance
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Wedding Photo of Newlywed Couple Smiling at 1st Dance

The Gleneagles Country Club has helped countless local and out-of-town couples to get married and host their receptions. Beautifully manicured landscapes are a delight for wedding photographers in Plano, Texas. But the interior is just as magnificent. Of course, it is the combination of the people that creates the festive mood of the event. That said, the essential individuals are the bride and groom.

A good example is the first dance of the newlywed couple. They are happy together. They beam. This is the happiest day in their lives. Their dance illustrates the closeness they enjoy. More importantly, it signifies a new beginning. Catching this moment on film is one of the most sought after shots at a wedding.

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But the professional must be unobtrusive. If the photographer breaks the couple’s eye contact, the opportunity is lost. However, if he does his job well, this picture will always be one of their favorite memories. The first dance will remind them of the many firsts that they have experienced since then. They may even begin to plan for the future to create new memories along the way.

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