Wedding Photo of Couple Dancing at St. Monica Church
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Wedding Photo of Couple Dancing at St. Monica Church

St. Monica Church has served the Catholic community for more than six decades. Its interior combines modern style elements with the comforts of mass you remember from childhood. The exterior features mature trees that provide shade and beauty. The cobblestone path around the setting hints at the building’s age. It is an ideal locale for wedding photography in Dallas, TX. During the ceremony, the professional moves around discreetly. The setting calls for decorum that he observes meticulously. He saves the flash for later shots.

Wedding Photo at St. Monica Catholic Church

Once outside, he catches the bride and groom during an impromptu dance. The couple is heading to the reception, but they take a quick turn in front of the fountain. It is one of these timeless shots that stand out. Its unusual quality is amplified by the slight tilt of the camera. The image is one that you have to catch at the right moment.

You cannot recreate it later on and hope to capture its essence. Black and white is, once again, the ideal method of featuring the happiness and enduring allure of the moment. The couple is at the center. Soon, they meet their guests and will be the center of other pictures.

Location: 9933 Midway Rd, Dallas, TX 75220.