Table Decor Photograph at Old Red Museum Dallas
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Table Decor Photograph at Old Red Museum Dallas

Known officially as the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture, the venue dates back to 1892. It features galleries displaying artifacts and priceless bits of the area’s history. There is also the reconstructed Old Red Courthouse’s Hatton W. Sumners Courtroom. Step out, and you see the grand staircase.

Is it any surprise that this grand old building features as the backdrop for so many wedding parties? The building impresses with its 20-foot ceilings and architectural details that are not lost on wedding photographers in Dallas, TX. The four-story staircase and the beautiful arches frame many photos.

Old Red Museum Wedding Photography

Of course, there is always the shot of the reception area with its Victorian color scheme. It shows off the tables and bridal party dais set up. Before the newlyweds enter with their guests, the photographer captures the perfection of the setup and beauty of the atmosphere. The room appears to fade away as the great bouquets announce the nature of the celebration.

There is no shortage of great places for photos at the Old Red Museum. After all, who would not like the idea of saying the vows in an old-fashioned courtroom that displays with timeless elegance?

Location: 100 S Houston St, Dallas, TX 75202.