Sunset Wedding Photo of Couple Kissing at Arbor Hills
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Sunset Wedding Photo of Couple Kissing at Arbor Hills

The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is the ideal setting for a broad range of photos. Wedding photographers in Plano, TX, know the venue for its trails, mature trees, wildflowers, and scenic overlooks. Plenty of couples ask us to do their engagement and wedding photos here. There are so many different settings that work perfectly for any mood.

A good example is a couple kissing after their sunset wedding. The venue is beautiful in the late afternoon hours. Sunset paints the flora in soft red tones, which look fantastic against the white dress that the bride wears. The groom’s black suit looks sharp. But even here, the red tones soften it just a little. The two almost seem like silhouettes, but there is still enough illumination to bring out details.

Arbor Hills Wedding Photo

The photographer catches the couple with the sun in the backdrop. It shines through her veil. The darkening sky contrasts beautifully with the landscape. This is a rare shot that the expert only has seconds to set and take. Losing the light and the sun effect is easy. However, because he was ready to go, this shot made it into the wedding album.

Location: 6701 W Parker Rd, Plano, TX 75093.