Sunset Photography at Bingham House Wedding in McKinney
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Sunset Photography at Bingham House Wedding in McKinney

The Bingham House is an elegant location for the couple with a taste for sophistication. Georgian architectural elements underscore the charm of the setting. Case in point is the breathtakingly beautiful veranda with its off-white columns. Nevertheless, there is another option that makes the heart of wedding photographers in McKinney, TX, beat a little faster: the garden.

Wedding Photo at The Bingham House

This garden is studded with tall trees. Well-manicured, it features shrubs shaped like birds. Under the arches of a structure, the bride and groom exchange vows. Her father walks the bride up the walkway to meet her future husband. Guests sit in the white folding chairs that the event coordinator has set up at a slight angle. They rejoice with the happy couple.

However, another element now comes into play. It is the sun. This wedding takes place right at sundown. Orange light glows as it streams through the treetops. It casts long shadows along the lawn and walkway. Because the shadows fall behind them, they do not affect the photos in the front. But the photographer also spends time in the back and captures the stunning play of light in the early evening.

Location: 800 S Chestnut St, McKinney, TX 75069.