Romantic Moment for Bride and Groom at Arbor Hills
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Romantic Moment for Bride and Groom at Arbor Hills

The natural beauty of the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is a fitting backdrop for wedding photography in Plano, TX. Nestled right in the city, you see a cornucopia of wildflowers in glorious colors. Prairie grasses like the little blue stem are ideally suited as the natural backdrop for featuring the happy couple. Catch them walking after saying their vows. They talk about what life holds for them now, as man and wife. With bur oaks and cedar elms in the background, they follow the trail to where their guests are waiting to toast them. A few stolen minutes before joining the festivities in their honor.

Arbor Hills Wedding Photography

Photographing a bride and groom in nature is not new, but it calls for a steady hand and an excellent understanding of how to weave natural beauty into the magic of the moment. There are no second takes. Capturing the essence of the day happens now. And what comes next? Maybe some shots of the pavilion with its decorations. Or perhaps images of the entire wedding party along the trails or in the flat park portion of the venue. The organic progression of the photos will pay tribute to your special day.

Location: 6701 W Parker Rd, Plano, TX 75093.