Photography of Bride and Groom Looking at Wedding Rings
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Photography of Bride and Groom Looking at Wedding Rings

What are the photos that matter the most on your wedding day? There are the images of the ceremony, of course. Frequently, wedding photographers in Dallas, TX, also take shots of the bride and groom before the service. Another important set of images revolves around the accessories of the wedding itself.

A good example is the set of wedding rings. Sure, plenty of photographers snap photos of them in their boxes, on a table, or on a mirror. Why not feature the happy couple wearing them? They stand in an out-of-the-way spot in the church. Right next to a stained glass window, the lighting is magical.

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The colors of her bouquet harmonize with the tones of the window’s glass. They both look down at their hands. He stands behind her and holds her hand. They realize the importance of what just took place. At this time, they also ready themselves to head out to the reception.

In the years to come, they look back at this photo. It will always remind them of the first few minutes as husband and wife. What types of images would allow you to have this memory?

Location: Dallas, Texas.