Photograph of Wedding Cake at Belo Mansion Dallas
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Photograph of Wedding Cake at Belo Mansion Dallas

The Belo Mansion is a truly majestic locale. Columns add a look of luxurious elegance. The winding staircase turns the setting into a period piece. What sets apart this location from other contemporary wedding venues is the attention to detail that property managers pay. For genuinely magical wedding pictures, this is the setting that wedding photographers in Dallas, TX, love to come to.

Dallas Wedding Photo at Belo Mansion

But not every photo features the bride and groom or wedding party. Some also focus on the decorative aspects that will be lost once the party starts. Case in point is the wedding cake. It is a special part of the festivities and will be the center of much good-natured fun after the ceremony. At the same time, it is a work of art. Countless hours went into the creation of the edible artwork.

It is only fair to include it in a wedding album. Combined with the ornate cutting tools as well as the decorated champagne flutes for the first toast as a married couple, the tabletop displaying the items is a must-see. However, the bride and groom will not be able to take it all in at their leisure. This photo shows them something that they later wish they could remember more clearly.

Location: 2101 Ross Ave, Dallas, TX 75201.