Photo of Wedding Ceremony at St. Rita Church Dallas
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Photo of Wedding Ceremony at St. Rita Church Dallas

If wedding photographers in Dallas, TX, had to describe St. Rita Church in a word, it would most likely be “breathtaking.” The location combines high ceilings with hanging chandeliers and gorgeous stained glass windows. Pews leave a wide aisle that is ideal for a procession. It also allows for excellent photography during a ceremony.

A good example is the couple that stands together before the officiant. They lean on one another. Everyone stands. They are ready to turn around and be introduced as the newlywed couple. However, this moment has not yet come. The photographer gets a good shot from the back of the church. It shows the couple and everyone else paying attention to what is going on in the front.

St. Rita Wedding Photo

It shows the perfect beauty of the church and the occasion. They will love the image, which presents the locale in all its splendor. The lights and colors work together to make this a truly magical site. As they look through their wedding album in the years to come, they will come across this image. It will spark memories and start off some great conversations.

Location: 12521 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75244.