Photo of Bride Groom Praying During Wedding Ceremony
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Photo of Bride Groom Praying During Wedding Ceremony

The Glen Eagles Country Club is a fantastic setting for weddings and receptions. The interior is a combination of understated elegance and comfort. The exterior delights with manicured lawns, tall trees, and beautiful natural settings. For wedding photographers in Plano, TX, the outdoors offer some challenges when capturing the nuptials. But for the expert, these challenges translate into perfect additions to a wedding album.

Glen Eagles Wedding Photo

Case in point is the couple standing before their friends and family members. All are seated except these two. They stand, facing each other, and pray. This is an intimate moment of the wedding ceremony. It pinpoints the time when the two begin to think and talk as a married couple would. They contemplate their future together. It is no longer two lives but one.

The background and foreground fade away. The only part of the image that is clear is the couple. It shows their facial expressions. This beautiful moment will become a favorite part of the ceremony shots. It reminds the two of the promises that they made to each other. They will pause as they gaze through their albums in a year or decade.

Location: 5401 W Park Blvd, Plano, TX 75093.