Park City Club Couple Exit Wedding with Confetti Flying
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Park City Club Couple Exit Wedding with Confetti Flying

The Park City Club is the quintessential wedding reception venue. The Dallas skyline makes for a fantastic backdrop. Sometimes, however, it is the action during the party that creates the most memorable experience. Case in point is the couple exiting the reception with confetti swirling all around them.

Wedding photographers in Dallas, TX know that this is a memorable shot. The couple is ready to head out for the honeymoon. Party attendees wish them well and send them off with a great huzzah. It takes a professional who is not afraid to move around where the action is to get this shot.

Wedding Photographers at Park City Club

Right in front of them, the focus remains on the couple’s faces. The confetti is captured in detail with just the right shutter speed. Aperture ensures the clarity of the surrounding details. To keep this scene from being visually overwhelming, the shot is in black and white.

It underscores the timeless appeal of the scene. It also creates an interesting counterpoint to the colorful images from the reception. The use of the flash adds depth to the presentation and crispness to the confetti. This is the kind of picture that stays on the mantle for years to come.

Location: 5956 Sherry Ln #1700, Dallas, TX 75225.