Outdoor Wedding Photography of Bridesmaids Walking
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Outdoor Wedding Photography of Bridesmaids Walking

Spending a day at the Four Seasons Resort is a treat. The facility offers plenty of picture-perfect settings for a wedding and subsequent reception. Wedding photographers in Irving, TX, know the location because it provides the ideal backdrop for countless “moving” shots. Movement is always difficult to capture but, when done correctly, it is well worth it.

Cases in point are the bridesmaids walking with the bride. They are strolling across the well-manicured lawns. Carrying their bouquets, they might be headed to the officiant. Or maybe they are just getting their jitters out. A slightly overcast sky makes the colors much more vibrant. The mature trees in the distance add visual appeal to the overall setting. Buildings are off to the side and do not interrupt the shot.

Four Seasons Hotel Wedding Photo

The photographer captures the image from the back. They do not look back at him. This little fact gives the photo a feel of originality and sincerity. This is not a staged event but instead a spur of the moment picture that shows the group of friends. As the bride looks through her wedding album in the years to come, she will recognize these friends and relive this special day.

Location: 4150 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75038.