McKinney Wedding Photograph of Flowers, Rings and Shoes
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McKinney Wedding Photograph of Flowers, Rings and Shoes

The Bella Donna Chapel is a modern construction that follows a 16th-century blueprint from Tuscany. Some call it the most beautiful wedding chapel in the state. It is the kind of location that you do not have to decorate to add a festive air. The light beaming in through the upper windows, the highly polished stone floors, and the majestic art work together to achieve just that.

Wedding photographers in McKinney, Texas, look forward to taking images at this venue. It never fails to impress with its details. It is the ideal setting to put together some object shots as well. These are aimed at capturing the mood of the special day. Case in point is the photo depicting the bride’s shoe, her engagement ring, and a flower from her bouquet.

McKinney Wedding Photo

As she gets ready to accept a new ring and later on toss the bouquet, now is the time to photograph the style elements of her ceremony. She will wear the shoe as the walks on the polished floors toward the altar where the groom awaits her. The ring will be on her finger but soon play a secondary role as he slips on a wedding band. The beauty of the rose will always remind her of the colors she chose for this special day.

Location: 6641 Mediterranean Dr, McKinney, TX 75070.