The Last Kiss at Haggard Park Wedding
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The Last Kiss at Haggard Park Wedding

Haggard Park is a favorite of wedding and headshot photographers in Plano, TX. It is a setting with almost unlimited potential. Sneak a peek at the groom as he sends his bride ahead of him to the reception. But look through the opened car door window so as not to disturb the happy couple. The background buildings fade away because all that matters is the first kiss since being proclaimed a newly married couple.

Haggard Park Wedding Photography

You do not even need color to show the tenderness of the experience. In fact, the vibrant blue sky and the gorgeous greens of the box elder trees might just take away from the scene. No, the keen eye of the expert recognizes that this image is indeed timeless. For the other shots, there is plenty of time to capture the full panorama of colors. The unconventional couple that might choose the Interurban Railway Museum as its backdrop for nuptials will love the reds and ocher of the setting. The gazebo beautifully offsets the blue of the pond. And the Saigling House Event venue is a marvel after its extensive renovations that restored it to impressive splendor.

Location: 901 E 15th St, Plano, TX 75074.