Groom's Mom Kissing Groom at Christ the King Wedding
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Groom's Mom Kissing Groom at Christ the King Wedding

Some locations are ideally suited for black and white photography. It does not matter what the occasion might be. A good example is wedding photography in Dallas, Texas, at Christ the King Catholic Church. The architecture of the building is impressive. Mature trees line the yard. The interior is a fantastic combination of detailed adornments.

To take in this high level of detail work, it makes good sense to present some images of the wedding in black and white. Case in point is the groom’s mother kissing her son before the ceremony. Dad has some last minute words of advice. Mom readies herself to let her boy go. They are standing at his parents’ pew. The details do not detract from the touching moment.

Christ the King Wedding Photo

His parents will remember this moment – he will, too. It is a defining shift in their relationship. He is on the cusp of setting up his own household. Their support is crucial. It is indeed astonishing how much you can express with one image. As the bride and groom look through their wedding album in the years to come, this moment in time will always have a special meaning for them.

Location: 8017 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75225.